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General Criminal Law & Litigation

Practice Areas

Michael Deodati has had extensive experience with New York's Criminal and Environmental Enforcement laws as well as New York's Forfeiture laws. He has worked with and has a working knowledge about various Prosecutors and administrative agencies around the Country. This enables him to operate a full service, general practice law office focused on a variety of practice areas.

General Criminal Law and Litigation

After serving as a New York City prosecutor for over twenty years, Michael Deodati has handled most every type of crime at every stage of a criminal proceeding, from investigation through arrest and trial to appeals. This experience has been applied to a wide variety of criminal offenses, including 'white collar' type offenses, financial investigations, computer assisted crimes, investigations into large and small corporations and organized criminal enterprises. He has also used this broad knowledge and experience in teaching college students, other prosecutors and law enforcement officers at various seminars and courses on various elements of criminal law and procedure.

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Civil and Criminal Asset Forfeitures

Michael Deodati served as a charter member of the committee within the New York State District Attorneys Association that participated establishing New York State's current Civil forfeiture laws. While there had been more than a dozen forfeiture laws in existence, they were specific to the crime. The New York State District Attorneys Association was of the position that a general more effective asset forfeiture law was needed Statewide. Therefore enacted in 1984 and amended in 1991 New York State now has a comprehensive criminal and civil asset forfeiture law for felony level offenses. As an option to prosecutors and law enforcement, there still are over a dozen other laws concerning civil and criminal forfeitures for various offenses.

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Real Estate, Workplace Safety and Construction Industry

Michael Deodati has conducted major Grand Jury investigations into the building practices in New York City. Some of these investigations have lead to Grand Jury reports recommending changes in laws and regulations concerning the building industry. In addition, he has handled investigations concerning major catastrophic workplace incidents that have lead to explosions, loss of human life and environmental damage.

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Environmental Prosecutions

Michael Deodati has been involved with criminal aspects of environmental laws. While a prosecutor he was a charter member of the National Environmental Prosecution Center and a former Chairman for the New York State District Attorneys Association sub-committee on Environmental crimes.

Many environmental issues have lead to investigations and experiences with administrative enforcement of environmental laws as well as investigations with maritime law and the oil and gas industry. Further the environmental umbrella covers quality of life issues in the building and construction industry.

Michael Deodati has participated on the New York State committee which drafted the current Hazardous waste laws for the State of New York. He has assisted National and local lobbying efforts in the area of enforcement of environmental laws and regulations. Further he has organized and taught at local and national legal seminars in the area of environmental enforcement.

Some of his teaching experiences include:

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